E07 Tree Teachings // Per Ingvar Haukeland

It’s always hard to talk about our connection to “nature” because the wording already implies that nature is something other than ourselves. In this episode we talk to eco-philosopher Per Ingvar Haukeland about what a deeper engagement with the world would mean, and how we bring the aliveness of life itself into everything we do. We also delve into the power of trees, the deep ecology movement, and Per Ingvar’s work with the legendary climber and philosopher Arne Næss.

Per Ingvar Haukeland is an ecophilosopher and community activist, and a professor at the University of South-Eastern Norway. He studies how tradition and innovation can be brought together to revitalize the relationship between culture and the living land, and uses storytelling, eco-entrepreneurship, handicrafts and outdoor education as methods in his work.


  • Life’s philosophy: reason and feeling in a deeper world (2002) written with Arne Næss. 
  • Deep Joy: Into deep ecology (2008) written with Arne Næss (English translation to be published this year).
  • Alliance for Wild Ethics: https://wildethics.org/the-alliance/ .
  • Per Ingvar’s research: www.usn.no/english/about/contact-us/employees/per-ingvar-haukeland .
  • OpenAirPhilsophy – a collection of philosophers Arne Naess, Sigmund Kvaløy Setreng, and Peter Wessel Zapffe’s works: https://openairphilosophy.org
  • The Spell of the Sensuous (1996) by David Abram.
  • Animate Earth (2006) by Stephan Harding.
  • What we think about when we try to not think about climate change (2015) by Per Espen Stoknes.
  • In Norwegian: Himmeljorden: Om det av Gud i Naturen (2010) by Per Ingvar Haukeland.

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