E08 The Conversational Arts // Pernilla Glaser

What are really good conversations made of? And how is a dialogue similar to a work of art? In this episode I speak to facilitator, theatre director and writer Pernilla Glaser to explore the transformative power conversations, and discuss why we’re both obsessed with them. 

Pernilla Glaser runs the company Boiler and works at RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden), developing methods and leading processes within the areas of art, learning and complexity. She is also a writer, and began her career as award-winning theatre director. Now she brings the creativity and playfulness of artistic practice into all kinds of learning processes. That can mean facilitating workshops that help people collaborate across disciplines, or coaching change processes within organisations, or working with other facilitators on how to develop their skills. Central to all her work is how we can have transformative conversations, with and without words. 


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  1. Eléonore Fauré
    December 1, 2020

    Very nice episode, the first one I listen to in your podcast and very good interviewing/conversation skills where you ask Pernilla to explain what she means when it is needed for us to follow. And such a nice conversation overall! Thanks! I am going to practice conversations to a much farther extent from now on…And I am looking forward to listening to the other episodes. Cheers, Eléonore

    • Ingrid
      December 3, 2020

      Thank you Eléonore! Glad you enjoyed it and hope you have great conversations 🙂

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