In this podcast we venture into the Forest of Thought to explore the ecology of ideas that our lives are embedded in – re-examining the familiar and catching glimpses of the new. Read more about the idea behind the podcast here. Welcome!

Get in touch at ingrid@forestofthought.com.

WANDERING HOST : Ingrid M. Rieser

I spend a lot of time wondering about how we might live differently – live well together with other humans and species – but I keep feeling there’s so much more to explore. This podcast is an attempt to do that wondering together with others, by wandering the Forest of Thought.

When I’m not podcasting, I make films and visuals. Sometimes I write things. Write to me if you have ideas for the podcast or want to collaborate!


Embla’s particular expertise is in appreciating the present moment (especially when the present moment involves odor-related inquiries or pursuing sticks). She helps out with grounding our dangerously abstract adventures. She is also Chief Financial Officer for our project.

MUSIC: Christian Steen

Our amazing theme music is created by multi-talented musician and producer (and all-round incredibly nice person) Christian Steen. Please check him out at stoneproduction.no.