E06 The Map and the Territory // Ulf Danielsson

A wide-ranging conversation with astrophysicist Prof. Ulf Danielsson on how we understand this universe and why we keep confusing our maps with the territory. We also hear about a life-changing comet, a secret promise and why conscious machines are highly unlikely. 

Ulf Danielsson is professor of theoretical physics at Uppsala University, with a special research interest in dark energy and string theory. He has participated in countless radio and TV shows and written several popular science books on topics ranging from the history and philosophy of science to climate change.



  • M. Johnson G. Lakoff Philosophy in the flesh (1991)
  • A. Damasio Descartes Error (1994)
  • T. Nagel The View from Nowhere (1986) (Ulf refers to Nagel’s paper, “What is it like to be a bat?”)

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