E22 The power of voice // BRIONY GREENHILL

How might the use of voice and song be an unexpectedly powerful way to access our deeper selves? In this episode I speak to Briony Greenhill, an incredible musician who uses collaborative improvisation as a way to connect and heal. Briony also generously shares her personal experiences and the philosophy of life that she has come to through her work.

Briony Greenhill is an artist, teacher and changemaker, with a special focus on improvisation, described as “one of the world’s leading proponents of Collaborative Vocal Improvisation (CVI)” by the Guardian, and as “Marvin Gaye crossed with a funky earth mother” by Mojo.  She finds her music and lyrics through improvising, often together with others. Her lyrics focus on themes of human depth, paradigm shift, the intimacy and bigger picture of our times. As a teacher she helps people bring out their full voices, develop their musicianship, express themselves, connect and heal.

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