E04 A world of many worlds // DOUGALD HINE

The big story of never-ending progress has captured our imaginations for hundreds of years. But now we seem to be witnessing its unravelling. The search for other stories is no longer a fringe activity, but taking place in all parts of society. What do we want to keep from this story, and what do we leave behind? In this episode we explore the idea of Progress together with writer Dougald Hine. 

Ten years ago, Dougald co-founded The Dark Mountain Project, which has grown into world-wide community of artists and writers. He and his partner Anna Björkman now run A School Called Home, a learning community for those drawn to the work of regrowing a living culture. He also podcasts together with futurist Ed Gillespie at The Great Humbling. 

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Dougald’s site: dougald.nu

A School Called Home: aschoolcalledhome.org

The Dark Mountain Project: dark-mountain.net

The Great Humbling: thegreathumbling.libsyn.com

Dougald’s interview with Vanessa Andreotti: dougald.nu/the-vital-compass-a-conversation-with-vanessa-andreotti/

Walter Mignolo: The Darker Side of Western Modernity: www.dukeupress.edu/The-Darker-Side-of-Western-Modernity/

A World of Many Worlds, ed. Marisol de la Caden and Mario Blaser: www.dukeupress.edu/a-world-of-many-worlds

The Zapatista Movement: www.thoughtco.com/zapatistas-4707696

Masanobu Fukuoka’s One Straw Revolution: onestrawrevolution.net

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One Comment

  1. Eva Johansson
    June 27, 2020

    Great conversation: nuanced, intelligent, complex. Made me want to be there with you and keep the discussion going for at least another hour or two.
    I liked what was said about how the story of progress is not complete and leaves so much unsaid – and about how looking at the past can dislodge our assumptions and make us notice them in a way that thinking about the future never can. And thereby maybe find new ways to live with and in the world. I will ponder that!
    And again, as in a previous episode, the concept of grief came up. I think that facing grief, acknowledging it, embracing it, is essential if we are to move forward in a sensible och intelligent – and loving – way.
    Thank you Ingrid and Dougald!

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