E12 On Fermentation and Cultural Activism // Eva Bakkeslett

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Words like culture and aesthetics make us think of grand museums and concert halls. But what if there is a deeper meaning to these words that we’ve forgotten? Meanings that are more grounded, more sensual and somehow related to the song of earthworms at work in our soil? And how do you learn to speak the secret language of microbes? We explore all of this and more in this episode with artist and cultural activist Eva Bakkeslett.

Eva Bakkeslett is an artist, filmmaker, curator and cultural activist exploring the potential for social change through gentle actions. Her practice often combines film, participatory events and workshops where she creates spaces and experiences that challenge our thinking and unravel newnarratives. Fermentation as a process and metaphor is central to her work and is often communicated in the form of socially engaged and inclusive projects.  She mediates relationships between humans, nature and culture as a living organism and explores ways ofreconnecting to our senses, to non-human life and ancient, deeply rooted knowledge. Eva believes that the abstract, elusive, poetic, aesthetic and imaginary power of art is vital to this reconnection.

Eva shows, lectures and performs her work worldwide and her films have been screened in numerous film festivals and art events. As a curator, she has focused on the connection between art and ecology through Gentle Actions at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, in 2010, the Repair program at gallery ROM, Oslo in 2016-17 and in her most recent project The Conference of the Birds 2018-23. Eva has an MA in Art & Ecology from Dartington College of Art in England, and lives on Engeløya in North Norway. There she has created an Artist Residency program and a guest studio as a platform for aesthetic collaborations and enquiry, founded in ecological and interconnected thinking and working.


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