E02 The Great Unveiling // PELLA THIEL

What is the corona crisis revealing to us – about our societies and about ourselves? Join us in conversation with activist and ecologist Pella Thiel as we meander into the darker regions of the Forest of Thought to discuss the deeper meaning of apocalypse, and how it is interwoven with hope and desire…with a surprising amount of laughter and giggles along the way!

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About Pella: pellathiel.se.

Swedish Transition Network: omstallning.net.

Charles Eisenstein’s essay on corona: charleseisenstein.org/essays/the-coronation/

Dougald Hine’s podcast with Ed Gillespie: thegreathumbling.libsyn.com.

Eco-psychologist Joana Macy: activehope.info 

MUSIC by Christian Steen at stoneproduction.no

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  1. Eva Johansson
    May 19, 2020

    Great conversation, and very interesting and thought provoking. Loved the concept of embracing the uncertain, as well as your thoughts on hope and longing. Most inspiring! Made me think hard about my own presumptions and preconceived ideas, always both a wonderful and quite jarring thing to experience.
    Thank you! I also loved that the conversation took place in a glen – with wind and birdsong in the background.

  2. Maj Stoddard
    May 19, 2020

    I walk with the very best of companions into the wild forest of thought. Exploring the places where no trails are to be seen. Thank you for inviting us to come along, Ingrid and Pella. Two remarkable women, in a breathtaking, deep, scary but also reassuring conversation about hope, desire and broken hearts in our time. We are all together, thank you for sharing this and for your love.

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